Words from the Press 21st Dec 2011

Stage set for pitched battle as Team Anna, Oppn decry Government’s formula


This word has two different origins and two sets of meanings. The first comes form old Latin ‘Pix’ which means sap or juice and which is used to denote any of the thick substance related to tar. The other usage comes from the word Piccean which meant to thrust in, fasten, settle. The meaning of pitch are very varies but all are linked to either of these 2 root meanings. Go through the definitions carefully and figure it out.


1. Any of various thick, dark, sticky substances obtained from the distillation residue of coal tar, wood tar, or petroleum and used for waterproofing, roofing, caulking, and paving.
2. Any of various natural bitumens, such as mineral pitch or asphalt.
3. A resin derived from the sap of various coniferous trees, as the pines.


1.a. To throw, usually with careful aim.

b. To discard by throwing: pitched the can out the window.

2. Baseball

a. To throw (the ball) from the mound to the batter.
b. To play (a game) as pitcher.
c. To assign as pitcher.
3. To erect or establish; set up: pitched a tent; pitch camp.
4. To set firmly; implant; embed: pitched stakes in the ground.
5. To set at a specified downward slant: pitched the roof at a steep angle.

6.a. To set at a particular level, degree, or quality: pitched her expectations too high.

b. Music To set the pitch or key of.
c. To adapt so as to be applicable; direct: pitched his speech to the teenagers in the audience.
7. Informal To attempt to promote or sell, often in a high-pressure manner: “showed up on local TV to pitch their views” (Business Week).
8. Sports To hit (a golf ball) in a high arc with backspin so that it does not roll very far after striking the ground.

9. Games

a. To lead (a card), thus establishing the trump suit.
b. To discard (a card other than a trump and different in suit from the card led).
Usage :

I pitched the idea; now we must wait. (After you pitch an idea)

It was pitch black that night. (A very dark night)
(A pitcher….)
This word comes form the French word Descrier which means to shout out, or announce but in a negative way. That remains as the meaning of the word even today. As in to condemn openly is to decry someone.
1. To condemn openly.
2. To depreciate (currency, for example) by official proclamation or by rumor.
Usage :

The bad press surrounding the product decried its usability. (….)

I have decried and denounced all corrupt people. (NO ONE SO FAR!!!!)
(Decrying the government……Tunisia style)

Stopped from drinking, duo bludgeon cop, shoot IT official.


The original meaning of the word bludgeon was a short, stout club. Over time the meaning evolved to mean the club and also the action the club provides…namely the whole bashing with a blunt instrument so as to cave in your bones…… That is what bludgeon also means now a days. The feel of the word is gory and brutal…..not to mention extremely violent.
A short heavy club, usually of wood, that is thicker or loaded at one end.
1. To hit with or as if with a heavy club.
2. To overcome by or as if by using a heavy club.
Usage :

I could bludgeon my Engineering teacher to death!!!!! (Just a random thought…..)

A bludgeon, bludgeons. (True that….)
(A few instruments of bludgeoning)

Zardari return for cameo role


This word comes form the word cammaeus, which in itself is probably imported from the Arabic word qamaa’il which means ‘flower buds’. In the west it was used to mean carved precious stone with two layers of colors probably based on the different colors of a flower bud. Using the Arabic definition, however, any small literally work was called a cameo, and from there anyone performing a small role for a short while is called a cameo.


1.a. A gem or shell carved in relief, especially one in which the raised design and the background consist of layers of contrasting colors.

b. The technique of carving in this way.
c. A medallion with a profile cut in raised relief.
2. A brief vivid portrayal or depiction: a literary cameo.
3. A brief appearance of a prominent actor, as in a single scene of a motion picture. Also called cameo role.
1. To make into or like a gem or shell carved in relief.
2. To portray in sharp, delicate relief, as in a literary composition.
Usage :

I made a brief cameo in the Lord of the Rings! (I was the eye of Mordor!!!)

What do you say when someone dies in their infancy? Cameo!!! (I am going to hell….)

(A most excellent cameo!!)

Taking scriptures to court inadmissible : Russian envoy


This comes form the Latin word Scripture which means the writings contained in the Bible or even a passage from the Bible. Tosay, the emaing is diversified to mean any Holy texts and also something so valuable that it can be considered as Holy text. The feel of the word is “FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD HIMSELF!!!!!”.


1.a. A sacred writing or book.

b. A passage from such a writing or book.
2. The sacred writings of the Bible. Often used in the plural. Also called Holy Scriptures.
3. scripture A statement regarded as authoritative.

Usage :

My commands are to be treated as scriptures. (One day……soon)

The oldest scriptures are the Dead Sea Scrolls. (True that)

(Dead sea scrolls…..)


Inadmissible is the opposite of admissible. Admissible means allowed, and therefore inadmissible means not allowed. The feel is very strict and inflexible.


Not admissible: inadmissible evidence.

Usage :

Usually key pieces of evidence are made inadmissible on some legal loophole. (Happens all the time.)

You are simply inadmissible! (I swear, the principal of Bishop’s school said this to me..)

(I would have put a photo…..but it is inadmissible.HAHAHAHA)


Envoy comes form the French “Envoye’ which literally means a messenger. Today, the word is used to denote a representative of a government or an organization. As in a diplomat is an envoy. Envoy carries highly regarded and regimented vibes. Also massive amount of protocol, importance and seriousness are attributed to this word along with the aura of “Earth and Water!”.


1. A representative of a government who is sent on a special diplomatic mission.
2. A minister plenipotentiary assigned to a foreign embassy, ranking next below the ambassador.
3. A messenger; an agent.
Usage :

I am an envoy for the misunderstood. (Everyone between the ages of 14 and 18)

Who is India’s envoy to the UN? (Who indeed…)
(Latest Pakistani envoy….last one was prettier)

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  1. My fists are enough to bludgeon my opponent after a mistimed tackle.

    My shoulder acted as a brief cameo, as my friend, who had climbed on top of me, tried to pluck my neighbors oranges!

    I decried from the crowd, in opposition to the poor referring during the football match.

    The Russian envoy was shot dead by a group of assassins outside the embassy building in Kolkata.

    I hope none of my comments are taken as inadmissible! :P

    I tried to pitch the chewing gum, from the slit in the window, only to hear my moms high pitched cusses after my failing attempt.

    The reformed club rules were guarded like scriptures by its core committe.

  2. DECRY – the people who stoop to corruption decry their own respect

    CAMEO – his blistering innings in the end was a match winning cameo

    INADMISSABLE – entering college premises without id-cards is inadmisable

    ENVOY – pigeon is cosidered as an envoy of peace

    BLUDGEON – the tribal people of the jungles mainly use bludgeons as their main weapon

  3. pitched-irfan pathan pitched the ball so well that the batsman could not understand what to do.
    decry-noone has enough courage to decry the cruel ruler.
    bludgeon-the thief blugeoned the innocent man with club and ran away.
    inadmissible-it is inadmissible to park your car here,you will have to pay fine for that.

  4. pitch-the bowler pitched so well that the striker got his third strike in baseball game.
    decry-principal of the school decried all the students who bunked the school on 15th august.
    bludgeon-i always feel like blugeon the criminal who killed that little girl and got a free pass out of jail.
    cameo-he became the cameo and played the role of a servant in the play of mahabharat.
    scriptures-i have read about the scriptures engraved on the tomb of jesus.
    inadmissible-i am inadmissible by my parents to go for a nightout with my friends.
    envoy-in ancient time,messages were sent through the envoye as no other medium of communication was available.

  5. pitched-when hari realised that the party he had just refused was going to be the best in town he decided to pitch in.
    decry-i decry all smokers.
    bludgeoned-the fact that he had lost his 1st rank and wasnt even in the top 10 struck him liek a bludgeon.
    cameo-hugh jackmans role in x men first class is more like a cameo.
    scriptures-sam found some old scriptures in the abbey.
    inadmissible-smoking at public places should be inadmissible.

  6. At the far end of the chamber, and between blocks, descends a 23 m pitch.
    Decry the fact that some american intellectuals no longer believe in america’s role of defending the west.
    He ordered the drinks, sat down & then bludgeoned his pint all over himself and the poor girl.
    The fact remains that, despite her deserved star billing, smith’s role is really an extended cameo.
    He was also a great man for interpreting sacred scripture for the benefit of the less learned.
    Petitions which do not follow these guidelines will be considered inadmissible.
    We have many envoys anxious to spread the message about scotland.

  7. pitch- i couldn’t find my pitch black key chain in the dark.
    decry- people of Rome decried against Brutus.
    bludgeon- to protect their estate, even the women and kids were able to bludgeon their enemies.
    cameo- the cameo’s of Ajanta and Ellora caves are extraordinary.
    envoy- the Godfather considered Tom Hagen as the best envoy.
    Inadmissible- posting less than 60 comments is admissible.
    scripture- majority of the aged ones are fond of reading scriptures.

  8. Pitch-Sam pitched the empty can from his building in the ground that it got hit in his uncles head
    Decried-People decried the campaign as a waste of money
    Bludgeon-When a prisoner was breaking out from the jail a cop caught him and bludgeoned him
    Inadmissible-Students are inadmissible to sit in the class if the homework is not completed

  9. pitch- He pitched his stake in the market very soon.
    Decry- The Libyans decried their tyrant ruler Gaddafi.
    Bludgeon- The youth was bludgeoned by the gang raiding the place.
    cameo- He made a brief cameo role in the movie.
    scriptures- our holy scriptures have many encoded messages.
    inadmissible- whispering and gesturing is inadmissible in the exam hall.
    envoy- Hina Rabbani Khar was an elegant envoy of Pakistan.

  10. The old piano is way out of pitch.
    I decry your negligient behaivour.
    The robber hit the old lady with a bludgeon and snatched her gold chain.
    She made a brief cameo appearance in the last college play.
    Holy scriptures helps people to leave better lives.
    Our former president has been asked to act as a speial envoy to the United Nations.
    outsiders are inadmissible in our hostel rooms.

  11. pitch- He pitched his stake in the market very soon.
    Bludgeon- The boys were bludgeon by the gang raiding the place.
    cameo- He made a brief cameo role in the serials
    scriptures- our holy scriptures have many encoded messages.
    inadmissible- whispering and gesturing is inadmissible in the exam hall.
    envoy- Hina Rabbani Khar was an elegant envoy of Pakistan.

  12. PITCH:She told him to go pitch his line to someone else.
    BLUDGEON:The robber hit the store owner with a bludgeon and took his money
    CAMEO:My mother’s favourite broach is a cameo pin made from ivory and ebony.
    ENVOY:British Envoy called upon the President of India

  13. We were pitched on a sandy football pitch, which belonged to a local club.
    Decry the idea of blogging, think of how it could be relevant to the success of your business.
    Bludgeoned with pipes, daggers or hammers, or electrocuted.
    Cameo appearance in the feature film, inglourious basterds.
    We must remember the purpose of god in giving the inspired scripture.
    Today, the supreme court has ruled this evidence inadmissible.
    The russian envoy to India said that the BAN on GITA would be lifted.

  14. We were pitched on a sandy Cricket pitch, which belonged to a local school.
    I do not decry that i am a good player.
    The boy bludgeoned his friend for a foolish reason.
    This episode features a cameo by cricket star sachin tendulkar.
    Scriptures of all religions are important.
    We have many envoys anxious to spread the message about us.

  15. I do not decry that i am a good player.
    The boy bludgeoned his friend for a foolish reason.
    This episode features a cameo by cricket star sachin tendulkar.
    Scriptures of all religions are important.
    We have many envoys anxious to spread the message about us.

  16. 1.He stabbed his best friend with a knife.
    2.She was singing at a very high pitch.
    4.Many holy scriptures are written by Gautam Buddha.
    5.To break the norms of coolege is inadmissible.
    6.Anna Hazare is acting as an envoyee for lokpal bill.

  17. pitch-we located a peaceful place and decided to pitch our tent while on the camp.
    decry-nobody paid attention when she decryrd the respected man
    bludgeon-he chose to use a bludgeon to take his revenge.
    cameo-she had to beg the director for the cameo.
    scriptures-the dictator made the masses treat his orders like scriptures.
    inadmisable-in the game of taboo mentioning certain words is inadmisable.
    envoye-tom hanks is going to plat the role of an envoye in his next movie.

  18. pitch- the bowlers pitched the ball short to Sehwag.
    decry- people decried against the corrupt minister
    Bludgeon-robber’s hit a person on road with a bludgeon and took all his money.
    CAMEO- the author had a cameo role in the movie
    scriptures- our holy scriptures have many encoded messages.
    ENVOY- china Envoy called upon the President of India

  19. 1.the cricket pitch is in the center of the ground.
    2.I do not decry that i am a expert scientist.
    3.He had a plan to bludgeon his enemies with it.
    4.he played a cameo role in the movie.
    5.Holy scripture helps people to live better lives.
    6.I was inadmissible by my parents to go to the new year party.
    7.The un’s envoy has urged havana to release imprisoned dissidents and to allow freedom of expression.

  20. pitch-whenever shohaib akhtar used to ball against sachin tendulkar everyone expected a pitched battle between ball and bat.
    decry-due to the bad reviews of ra.one its box office collection severly decried.
    bludgeon-the thief bludgeon the policeman with a club and ran away.
    cameo-the audience was thrilled when rajnikanth made a cameo appearance in ra.one.
    scripture-ajinkya treats every command of his father as a holy scripture.
    inadmissible-the us e of cell phones during class hours is strictly inadmissible.
    envoy-pakistan’s special envoy to america hussain haqqani was called back due to amid tension between the two countries.

  21. 1)Once she heard, she didn’t hesitate to pitch a picture-book idea at me.
    2)Government decry anna’s team
    3)Rita made an cameo appearance at the new year party
    4)The ancient Indian scriptures have been the timeless and unequalled heritage of the world.

  22. pitched – He pitched his hopes too high
    decry – She decried the lack of support from her team mates
    bludgeon – They bludgeoned him into taking the job
    scriptures – The scripture says “love of money is the root of all evil”
    inadmissible – Using foul language in class is inadmissible.
    envoy – He was sent to the country as the king’s envoy.

  23. pitched-indian batsmen didnot performed well because of good bowling pitch
    decry-corrupt politician were decried last year
    bludgeon-the thief was bludgeoned when he was caught
    scriptures-the finest scriptures were from the book of bible
    inadmissible-smoking is inadmissible in the restricted area

  24. pitch- some Indians singers have got really good control over their voice pitch.
    decry – The value of Indian rupee is decrying day by day due to inflation.
    bludgeon – The Indians were bludgeoned at the time of 1890s by the Britishers.
    scriptures- Mahabharata is one of the unique scripture of India.
    inadmissible- people without certain degrees are inadmissible in good companies.
    envoy- satnam in the movie 2012 has acted as an envoy to the man kind

  25. pitch- she pitched her stake in the market very soon
    decry-corrupt politician were decried last year

  26. I cringed when her high pitched laugh pierced my ears.
    Decrying the government goes without any consequence in a democracy contratry to in a communist country.
    The serial killer bludgeoned his victims with a baseball bat, before drowning them in the river.
    “Bunking class is inadmissible!” said Ritwike Sir.
    They made a huge mistake by thinking the Trojan horse was an envoy of peace and an offering to the gods.

  27. 1)The pitch at England was is very bouncy.
    2)The finance minister decried about the rise in prices due to inflation in the country.
    3)he tried to bludgeon me when i was sleeping.
    4)The stone i found in the island had a nice Cameo done on it.
    5)On the walls of old Jain temple scriptures are everywhere.
    6)Boys below 18years are Inadmissible.
    7)who was supposed to Envoy him that night?

  28. PITCHED- The boy’s family watched her brother pitch at the game.
    DECRY- Anna suppoters decry over goverment.
    BLUDGEON- Many a times truck r bludgeon by goods.
    CAMEO- Every1 has to work for a cameo role in his/her lyf to get his/her lyf at its best.
    SCRIPTURES- Every time you read the scriptures you should lay up something.
    INADMISSIBLE- The FDI in retail is still inadmissible by various stste govt..
    ENVOY- Annan still has confidence in un envoy ordered to leave MMRDA ground.

  29. The boulevard was pitch dark. I started memorizing one of verses from my holy scripture(geeta). Suddenly a person,who seemed to be a bludgeon came out of the trees. At first i thought his intentions was to bludgeon me and take my belongings(unluckily that dint happen as i`am insured heavily against theft). Then, he introduced me as an envoy from from pakistani opposition party,who was here on sum issues.He told me that during his stay in india a civil war broke out in pakistan due to which he got a tagged as vigilante due to his cameo role of decrying the government protocols. Pakistan wanted india to extradite him. After looking at my intelligent face he asked me “I think i`m inadmissible in most of the asian countries as the interpol has a strong base here, should i hide in africa? ”

    Abhimanyu Pande

  30. decry-street protester decry the fuel price hike.
    pitched-he can pitch the ball accuratly.
    cameo-the movie features a cameo by the star crickter jonty rodes.
    envoy-the envoy should take care that he should deliever the messege at the right time.
    scriptures-many holy scriptures reveal the secret of life.
    inadmissible-smoking and boozing are inadmissible in our society.

  31. pitched the can out the window.

    i decry obsolete coinage.

    they bludgeoned him into accepting the job.

    She cameoed as Anne Boleyn in A Man for All Seasons.

    He was sent to France as the king’s envoy.

  32. 1) Pitch:john pitched a tent in forest.
    2) Decry:Violence on television is generally decried as harmful to children
    3) Bludgeon:guards armed with bludgeons roamed the compound
    4) Cameo:jennefer aniston has done a cameo role in freinds.
    5) Envoy:the president sent the secretary of state as his personal envoy to gain the support of the country’s allies
    6) Inadmissible:The evidence was inadmissible in court
    7) Scriptures:there are fine scriptures on the walls of ajanta and alora.

  33. pitch: the cricket match was postponed due to the wet pitch since it had rained heavily the previous day
    decry: the prophets didnt decry the ritual of the temple
    bludgeon:the knight having sword in his hand was planning toi bludgeoon his enemies with it.
    cameo: my sister likes the cameo pin made up of ivory and ebony
    envoy:he is the envoy from russia
    inadmissible: •The testimony of a slave is not admissible in court of law

  34. pitch-Till the swap’s done he sits like a yoga straining the wires of strangeness – after all, he does have perfect pitch.
    decry-The prophets were n’t decrying the ritual of the temple.
    bludgeon-He ordered the drinks, sat down & then bludgeoned his pint all over himself and the poor girl.
    scriptures-every civilizations has their own scriptures.for eg egypt civilization

  35. PITCH- d bowler must pitch d ball in susch way dat batsman would get confused..
    DECRY- protester decried for d fuel price gike..
    BLUDGEON- d truck got bludgeoned in many ways…
    CAMEO- i had seen many excellent cameos…
    SCRIPTURES- i changed my view of life after reading the holy scriptures.
    envoy- i sen an envoy to inform him.
    INADMISSIBLE- smoking is inadmissible in my home.

  36. pitch-We were pitched on a sandy football pitch, which belonged to a local school.
    decry-Decry is the dictatorship so much decried, particularly by those who today dictate for capitalism.
    bludgeon-His laughing admission that he cheated on me struck me like a bludgeon
    cameo-The celebrity cameos are also exhausted throughout the film, even with the famous ” you can do it!
    scriptures-Scriptures of all religions.
    inadmissible-Without these precautions, a judge could consider the evidence to be tainted and therefore inadmissible.
    envoy-The south koreans will be sending an envoy in, there have been some japanese contacts.

  37. pitch:-the movement took him by surprise and he pitched forward.
    decry:- people decried the campaign as a waste of money.
    bludgeon:-a businssman has been found bludgeoned to death.
    cameo:-he played a cameo role ,that of a young aids patient in hospital.
    scriptures:-a quote from scriptures.
    inadmissible:-the judge ruled that the evidence was inadmissible.

  38. 1.due to bad form irfan pathan was pitch out of the team.
    2.anna hazare and team decryed on goverments lokpal bill.
    3.the thief bludgeon the man as he restricted him to escape.
    4.the ceameo of shahrukh khan maid movie more interesting.
    5.it is inadmissible to visit pubs and disk under the age of 21.
    6.the chines envoy come india for some technological contract.

  39. pitched- the ball pitched just before the stumps…
    decry- the congress govt. is decried due to corruption
    bludgeon- a bludgeon fall on my head and i lost my memory
    scriptures- the scripture values doesn’t work in this world
    inadmissible- as i lost my hall ticket i was inadmissible to the premises
    envoy- i envoy-ed b/w my friends who were enemies to each other

  40. bludgeon-bludgeon teachers over the head with imperious dictats.
    cameo-the cameo’s of Ajanta and Ellora caves are extraordinary.
    decry-decry the lack of technique in free verse and in free verse criticism.
    envoy-he was sent to france as the king’s envoy.
    inadmissible-inadmissible on many grounds.
    pitch-he has a pitch on thew high street.
    scripture-buddhist and hindu scriptures

  41. pitch:The man was covered with pitch from repairing the roof.
    Decry:Animal welfare groups decry horse deaths at Hastings Racecourse
    bludgeon:The robber hit the store owner with a bludgeon and took his money
    cameo:Hritik played cameo role in Don2
    scriptures:An ancient egyptian scripture was auctioned for couple of million dollar
    inadmissible:Carrying cellphone is inadmissible in exam
    envoy:Pakistan’s president refused to meet indian envoy

  42. pitch-he pitched the ball to his target
    decry- his decry made his suffer
    bludgeon- The chest and sides looked as if they had been beaten with a bludgeon
    cameo- she played a cameo in a movie
    scripture- an ancient scripture costs a lot
    inadmissible- his qualification made him inadmissible for job
    envoy- the envoy proved to be his asset

  43. bludgeon-the man used a bludgeon to break the door lock.
    cameo-he just gave a cameo’s role in the movie.
    decry-the girl decried the job proposal and went on.
    envoy=the envoy turned out to be his main weapon.
    inadmissible-he was inadmissible for the airforce job because of his eyesight.
    pitch-they drove the car in pitch dark road.
    scripture-an ancient scripture can be termed as antique.

  44. Pitched- The pitch of her voice was too high.
    decried – Everyone had decried against the congress government.
    cameo- she played a cameo role in the play.
    scripture- the book which i got contains scripture about the literature.
    Inadmissible- As par the college the rules bunking the class is Inadmissible.
    Envoy- He became my envoy to send my regards to her.

  45. pitched -i pitched the stone on the mango hanging above on the tree.
    decried-the lady decried in pain on hearning the news of her husdand’s death.
    cameo-salman khan played a cameo role in the movie.
    scripture-scriptures of Bhagwat Geeta area source of enlightening knowledge.
    inadmissible-altough itr is inadmissible to keep phones on in theaters,feww people are just morons ignoring it.
    envoy-i can be your envoy,but it is advisable that you yourself go and telll the truth to your teacher.

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