Keywords and Transition Phrases

Aim : Keywords and Transition phrases in reading.

Keywords give us predictive powers

Keywords help connect data

Keywords provide structure to text

Purpose of keywords is to make reading and assimilating information easier.

Keywords are everywhere i.e the subjects may change keywords remain the same in other words “however” you can find in a art , social science , philosophy , science , mathematics , logic or any other subject you can dream of . Understanding them well can make a reader effective with any subject .

Find reading philosophy texts difficult , take a minute , underlines all the keywords and read again. Pronoun reference will help too.

Prototype keywords video

If you are watching this video , do leave a comment sharing if you understood the point. Notice these keywords and more now in whatever you read and get a hold of their exact possible meaning and usages.

Keyword and Transitional phrases and function Categories

Keyword glossary

Learn this and instantly improve your reading comprehension.


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  1. but, while, although, since, nevertheless, for instance, etc are some of the keywords which should be paid attention as they connect the data.

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