Basics of Arguments : II

Argument analysis basics

Conclusion indicators and Sample

Words that indicate Conclusion:

Therefore , Hence , Thus ,   consequently, so, as a result,  accordingly, for that reason, ergo, that being the case, on that account; formal whence; archaic wherefore.

The keyword indicating conclusion are highlighted in each of the arguments, Your job is to identify and submit  the exact sentence/ conclusion of the paragraph , and also state the reasons which are provided if any in support of the conclusion.

The arguments are all contextual and relevant and there are a variety of subjects to illustrate the fact that these Keywords are independent of the subject matter

Nifty March series was up by almost 338 points or 7 per cent and therefore technically we expect markets to correct or at least consolidate for some more time until we head for the 5,400 mark.

via Stocks seen ranged; global cues weak- Market News-Stocks-Markets-The Economic Times.

(5)- Any government (worth the name) duty bound to protect its citizens will demand extradition of Headley under international laws and treaties. But USA (out of its policy of “help the ally Pakistan at any cost”) will simply not give Headley to India. Therefore in such eventuality India has no other alternative than to snap the diplomatic ties with USA and which will put even the survival of Indian State on trial as given below.

(6)- In order to avoid said diplomatic rupture, USA (not withstanding its declaration during Hillary – Qureshi recent meet in Washington that Kashmir is a bilateral issue) will certainly rake up Kashmir issue (which as per Pakistan is the root cause of terrorism and ‘Headley – jihadi – Pakistan’s state actor’ type of mix-up) and USA will certainly demand permanent solution to Kashmir problem.

(7)- But solution to Kashmir problem is easy said than done because:-

(i)- It is an open secret that, come what may, aggressive (not necessarily militant) Hindus who matters in India and can easily rope in rest of Indians, will never allow any compromise (especially in favor of Muslims) with the territorial integrity of India which considers POK an integral part of India as per not only Indian Constitution but also as per unanimous resolution of Indian Parliament.

(ii)- It is not merely the call given by jihadis last week at Kotli in POK for the liberation of Kashmir from India but also the fact that under the leadership of these jihadis, as per media reports, about one hundred thousand Muslims (from both sides of Kashmir) have lost their lives for the ‘liberation of Kashmir’ (more than the lives lost combined by India and Pakistan for independence from British Raj). Therefore these jihadis (notwithstanding whatever Governments of Pakistan or India or USA may say or like) simply can not rest unless they take this so called Kashmir liberation movement to its logical end (howsoever gory it may be).

(8)- Therefore in such a potentially grave scenario which may lead even to an all out war between India and Pakistan (both having nukes) it is not expected from Prime Minister Manmohan to leave this Headley issue merely on Home Minister Chidambaram and External Affairs Minister Krishna. Rather Manmohan should come forward openly and provide the enlightened leadership in this matter.

via Manmohan should intervene as Headley issue is beyond Chidambaram & Krishna

Customers were willing to do only incremental spending on storage. Therefore technologies such as storage virtualization, deduplication, thin provisioning and tape automation and tape libraries gained traction as businesses were looking at increasing the utilization of their networked storage assets

via Thin provisioning, deduplication and storage virtualization – Express Computer.

Nitin Hiranandani, Director – Managed Enterprise Services, Imaging and Printing Group, HP India, said, “HP’s competitive advantage in the growing MPS market is our deep understanding of customer needs and heritage of working across the entire IT infrastructure to drive digital print transformation. Moreover, HP recognizes immense potential for enterprises to save costs and energy through managed printing and will therefore focus on offering HP Eco Solutions to our customers. Through the Eco Solutions printing practice, we will collaborate with customers to help them reduce their environmental impact and save money. The practice includes an extensive portfolio of tools, software, hardware, services and expertise, such as the green IT action plan, change management kits, and the HP carbon footprint calculator 3.0.”

via Beating the downturn – Express Computer.

Inflation happens when there is a mismatch between demand and supply of output. From a layman’s perspective, managing inflation, therefore, is to manage the demand-side factors, the supply-side factors, or a combination of both, affecting availability of output ( gross domestic product, or GDP).

via Where monetary policy fails – Views –

Merkel dropped her opposition to the deal at an 11th-hour meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, just before the start of a two-day European Union summit taking place in Brussels.

“For all of us it is important that our common currency, which is a success for peace and unity, remains stable, therefore I think yesterday was an important day for the euro,' she told reporters.

via Germany’s Merkel “very happy” with eurozone deal on Greek aid plan – Monsters and Critics.

Maoists think Rajdhani trains are used only by the bourgeois. They have, therefore, targeted Rajdhani Express trains several times in Bihar, albeit unsuccessfully — until September 2002 when they allegedly blew a bridge as a result of which several coaches of Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express fell into the Dhawa river near Rafiganj in Gaya and at least 125 passengers were killed.

via Rajdhani on Red hitlist since 1996 – Patna – City – The Times of India.

The capital expenditure cycle in the economy is gaining strength and companies are taking a relook at projects that had been shelved due to the global economic crisis. Investment projects are interest-sensitive and even a marginal increase in interest cost can have a large impact on the internal rate of return rendering them unviable. With the global economy still susceptible to shocks, continuous strengthening of the levers of domestic demand is important. Supporting consumption and investment in the economy should, therefore, be a priority

via The move will hit investor and business confidence- ET Debate-Opinion-The Economic Times.

Rashmi said once taken, the GMAT score is valid for five years, which means a student can decide to study MBA anytime within five years. “Also programmes like MS in Management from London Business School have specially been designed for management aspirants with no work experience. Hence, the young management aspirants who wish to seek international exposure in addition to seeking just a degree, now have more options beyond CAT and IIMs,” she explained.

via GMAT scores over cat: Number of aspirants shoots up as GMAT gives international exposure- Education-Services-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times.

Almost everyone in ‘Mundhinam Paartheney’ (U) is a newcomer and hence it takes quite a while to understand the role of each. Hero Sanjay is an exception though — he looks the part and proves a good choice. And whatever ‘Mundhinam …’ is or isn’t, it is definitely decent. The lyrical touch to the title prepares you for the romantic feel offered.

via The Hindu : Arts / Cinema : Fun, foibles and … love.

The returns from equity MFs by way of dividends are tax free. The income subject to tax amounts to Rs 3,42,500 for the year. However, Mrs X can take benefit of the Rs 1 lakh invested in ELSS under Section 80C (even investment in PPF can get the same benefit, subject to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh at present), and thus have a taxable income of Rs 2,42,500. Since Rs 2,40,000 of income is exempt for senior citizens, Mrs X will pay a tax on only Rs 2,500 @ 10%. Thus, her returns of 8.3% on her portfolio are virtually tax-free.

via Allocate funds wisely, enjoy your golden years- Analysis-Savings Centre-Personal Finance-The Economic Times.

India has another problem in that at high rates of growth, anything over 8.5 per cent on a sustained basis, and everything starts falling apart in the country. From power, ports, airports, skilled manpower to railway wagons, everything goes into short supply, and inflation starts to spike higher. Remember, the last inflation scare in 2007 was not driven by food prices at all, but by surges in commodity prices and a general overheating of the economy. We are a fundamentally under-invested country, and to address the structural issues of an economy which cannot handle sustained growth of over 8.5 per cent without overheating, we need large-scale investments to improve the supply side response to growth in numerous areas of soft and hard infrastructure. To improve the supply side, we need huge investments. These investments are sensitive to rates, and will not be made in an environment of high and rising interest rates. Thus, ironically, one can argue that to tackle inflation on a more structural basis, we actually need low interest rates, not tight monetary policy.

via Akash Prakash: A difficult six months.

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