Words from the Press 16th Feb 2012

Mulayam in knots over Congress


In knots


This is an idiom derived from the word knot, which is nothing but a fastening of a piece of rope, string, etc in a durable and strong fashion. In knots is when someone is very troubled over an issue. It is akin to the feeling in our stomach when we have really messed up and feel the fearĀ  in our stomach, almost as if the stomach has been knotted? That is in knots.




1. to become very confused or worried when you are trying to make a decision or solve a problem (often + over ) They tied themselves in knots over the seating arrangements.
2. (British & Australian) to become very confused when you are trying to explain something She tied herself up in knots trying to tell me how to operate the video recorder.
Usage :
I am always in knots when choosing between a career and fun! (True that…)
You are in knots when you open your mobile and find 5 missed calls from your mom. (She will raise hell…)
(Knots of different types…)