Schedule from 6th Feb. 2012

1:30pm-3:30pm: Algebra (Contd.)

2pm-4pm: Percentages & Profit & Loss (Contd.)

[New module “Data Interpretation” will start from Wednesday]

4pm-6pm: Number System (New module)

4pm-6pm: Data Interpretation (New module)

6pm-8pm: Algebra (Contd.)

6pm-8pm: Data Interpretation (Doubts session)

[New module “Reading 101″ will start from Tuesday]

Words from the Press 5th Feb 2012

DRDO lab showcases indigenous defense systems




This word comes from the Latin word ‘Indigenus’ which means Native to a country or to a place. Indigenous means exactly that in today’s parlance.




1. Originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment.
2. Intrinsic; innate.
Usage :
The atrocious table manners seem to be indigenous to all students. (True that…..)
The Bengal Tiger is indigenous to India. (It is…..)