Words from the Press 4th Feb 2012

2G scam : Day of reckoning for PC




This word comes from the Old English word gerecenian which means to recount or to relate. This word’s meaning are way more diversified though, but they all relate to this root meaning. In order to understand it better you must go through all the definitions and then relate to to the original meaning.




1. to calculate or ascertain by calculating; compute
2. (tr) to include; count as part of a set or class I reckon her with the angels
3. (usually passive) to consider or regard he is reckoned clever
4. (when tr, takes a clause as object) to think or suppose; be of the opinion I reckon you don’t know where to go next
5. (intr; foll by with) to settle accounts (with)
6. (intr; foll by with or without) to take into account or fail to take into account the bully reckoned without John’s big brother
7. (intr; foll by on or upon) to rely or depend I reckon on your support in this crisis
8. (tr) Slang to regard as good I don’t reckon your chances of success
9. (tr) Informal to have a high opinion of she was sensitive to bad reviews, even from people she did not reckon
to be reckoned with of considerable importance or influence
Usage :
A day of reckoning is reserved for all my enemies. (It is…..)
I reckon it will be 5 days before help arrives. (Just a friendly reckoning…)