Schedule from 15th September 2014

9:30 am: Ratio Assignment Discussion (NEW) {Please carry your Arithmetic book}

9:30 am: Percentages Assignment Discussion (NEW from Thursday)

12 pm : Geometry (Continued for 2 more days)

12 pm : Averages & Weighted Averages (NEW module from Wednesday)

2 : 30 pm: Permutation & Combination (Continued)

2 : 30 pm: Probability ( NEW module on Tuesday)

2 : 30 pm: SET THEORY (NEW module from Wednesday) {Please carry your P&C book}

2:30 pm: Verbal Logic (NEW module from Friday) {Students willing to revise can also attend}

4: 30 pm: Data Interpretation (Continued)

4:30 pm : RC & RC Assignment Discussion (NEW from FRIDAY) {Please carry RC funda and RC Assignment book for the discussion}


Schedule from 9th September 2014

CENTER  Will remain closed on Monday, 8th September 2014. Modules will start from 9th September (Tuesday) 2014.

9:30 am : Algebra Workshop (Continued for 2 more days)

9:30 am: Logarithm (New Module from Thursday)

12 pm : Geometry (Continued)

2:30 pm: Permutations & Combination (New Module)

4:30 pm: Data Interpretation (New Module)

7 pm: DI/AR White book discussion (Continued)



Schedule from 1st September 2014

9:30 am: Analytical Reasoning (Continued) {3 more days}

10 am: RC ASSIGNMENT Discussion (New){ Please carry your RC assignment book}

9:30 am: ALGEBRA WORKSHOP Discussion (NEW) (From THURSDAY)

12 pm: Algebra (Continued) {3 more days}

12 pm: Geometry (New Module from THURSDAY)

2:30 pm: Time Speed & Distance (Continued for 2 more days)

2:30 pm: Time and Work (NEW module from WEDNESDAY)

2: 30 pm: Number System Workshop (New) { Carry your Number system text book too. Assignment of Number System Book will be discussed first}

4:30 pm: ALGEBRA Text Book Assignment Discussion (New) {Carry your Algebra Text Book}

7 pm: DI/AR White book Assignment Discussion (NEW)


Schedule from 25th August 2014

9:30 am: Number System (Continued)

9:30 am: Analytical Reasoning (New Module) (From THURSDAY)

10 am: Critical Reasoning Workshop (NEW from Tuesday) {For all those who have done Verbal Logic Module)

12 pm: Algebra (Continued)

2:30 pm: Data Interpretation (Continued) (Two more days) {Time Speed & Distance will start in this timings from Wednesday. So, watch at least 4 videos of TSD before attending class}

2:30 pm: Number System Workshop Discussion (NEW) From Wednesday)

4:30 pm: AR/DI White book Discussion (New) From MONDAY)


Schedule from 18th August 2014

9:30 am: Number System (Continued)

12 pm: Algebra (Continued)

2:30 pm: Data Interpretation (New Module) {For all those who have done Ratio & Percentages Module}

5 pm: Averages and Weighted Averages (New Module) {From Tuesday} {Watch the videos of this module and please carry your arithmetic book}

7 pm: DI/AR Assignment Discussion (Continued)

Schedule from 11th August 2014

9:30 am: Number System ( New Module)

12 pm: Algebra ( New Module)

2:30 pm: Percentages (New Module) {Please carry your ARITHMETIC book and watch the percentages videos}

2 :30 pm: Logarithms (New Module)

7 pm: DI/AR Assignment White Book Discussion (NEW) (From Tuesday)

{Students who are done with Maths modules (Algebra, Geometry, Number System, Arithmetic) , start solving the assignments.}