Schedule from 18th August 2014

9:30 am: Number System (Continued)

12 pm: Algebra (Continued)

2:30 pm: Data Interpretation (New Module) {For all those who have done Ratio & Percentages Module}

5 pm: Averages and Weighted Averages (New Module) {From Tuesday} {Watch the videos of this module and please carry your arithmetic book}

7 pm: DI/AR Assignment Discussion (Continued)

Schedule from 11th August 2014

9:30 am: Number System ( New Module)

12 pm: Algebra ( New Module)

2:30 pm: Percentages (New Module) {Please carry your ARITHMETIC book and watch the percentages videos}

2 :30 pm: Logarithms (New Module)

7 pm: DI/AR Assignment White Book Discussion (NEW) (From Tuesday)

{Students who are done with Maths modules (Algebra, Geometry, Number System, Arithmetic) , start solving the assignments.}

Schedule from 4th August 2014

9:30 am: Algebra (Continued from “Maxima & Minima”)

12 pm: Grammar (New Module) {Compulsory for all those who have not attended this module}

2:30 pm: Geometry (Continued)

5 pm: READING 101 (New Module from Tuesday){Compulsory for all those who have not attended this module}

7 pm: Number System Assignment Discussion (From Wednesday)

The students who are done with the Maths modules, i.e. Number System, Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic and P&C, need to solve their respective assignments and collect the workshop questions of Algebra, Number system, Geometry from the office. And also collect DI/AR assignment book (White book) if you haven’t.


Weekend Batch Schedule 2nd August, 2014

11 am : Analytical Reasoning (For those who have not done)

Come to the center and collect Algebra Workshop questions, Geometry Workshop questions and Number System Workshop questions. From next week onwards, assignments of these modules will also be discussed in class. So, all the students who are done with these modules, need to attempt the assignment questions and then attend the discussion.


Schedule from 28th July 2014

9:30 am: ALGEBRA (Continued) (From Quadratic Equations)

2:30 pm : Geometry (New Module from WEDNESDAY)

2:30 pm: Probability & SET Theory (New Module from WEDNESDAY) {Please carry your P&C Text book and watch Probability Videos}

5 pm: Verbal Logic (Continued){Last Class)
5 pm : Grammar Part 2 (New Module from WEDNESDAY) {Please carry your Grammar text book)

GEOMETRY Book Assignment will be discussed in 7 pm time slot from THURSDAY.

Algebra basics revisted

The questions given below are basics of Algebra, so it is mandatory for  all the students to solve and answers should be submitted in the “comments section”.

Linear Equations

1.     Solve for x and y: 1.2x + y = 88 and x + 1.2y = 88

2.     Solve for x and y: 4x – 6y = 10 and 9y – 6x = 15

3.     If 3x + 5y = 12 and kx – 3y = 12 have no simultaneous solution, find the value of k.

4.     If 3x + 5y = 12 and kx – 3y = n have infinite simultaneous solutions, then find the value of k × n.

5.     If 2x – y + 3z = 15 and 3x + 2y – 6z = 29, find the value of x.

6.     If 4 apples, 6 mangoes and 8 oranges costs Rs. 72 and 6 apples, 9 mangoes and 11 oranges cost Rs. 105, find the cost of 1 orange.

7.     Find the value of x, y and z that satisfy each of the following three equations:
x + y + z = 1; 2x + y – 2z = 1; and 3x + y + 2z = 1.

8.     5x – y + 2z = 10 and 3x – y + z = 5, find the value of x + y + z.

9.     Find the number of natural number solutions to 4x + 5y = 150

10.   Find the number of whole number solutions to 8x + 5y = 160.

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Schedule from 2nd June 2014

9 am: Analytical Reasoning (New module)

11:30 am: Ratio & Variation (New Module)

11:30 am: Time & Work (New Module)
{For those who were doing Time Speed Distance module last week}
2 pm: Reading Comprehension (New Module)
{ For those students who have done READING 101 Module}
4:30 pm: Algebra (Continued from INEQUALITIES)
7 pm: Geometry (New Module)


Gambia Decided To Withdraw From The Commonwealth
The Gambia is on 2 October decided to withdraw from the Commonwealth, 48 years after joining. Gambian, a West African country joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1965.The last country to be withdrawn from the Commonwealth group was Zimbabwe in 2003.The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of 54 countries, many of them former territories of the British Empire. It was established in 1949.

China and EU Signed Bilateral Currency Swap Agreement
China and the European Union signed a 350 billion yuan (45 billion euro) currency swap agreement on 10 October.The agreement signed between the People’s Bank of China and the European Central Bank (ECB), aims to support bilateral trade and protect financial stability.

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1. Tony Abbott , Leader of the Liberal Party elected as the Prime Minister of Australia on 8 October.Liberal Party won the 44th Parliamentary elections. Liberal Party defeated the in-power Labor Party in the general elections held on 7 September 2013 to return back in power as the Liberal-National coalition for the first time in six years.With this win, Tony Abbott the leader of the Liberal-National Coalition will become the Prime Minister of the Country and successor of Kevin Rudd of the Labor Party.The coalition won 88 seats in the 150 seat Parliament. The ruling Labor Party was successful in winning 57 seats.

2. The United States and Russia have on 14 September agreed on a framework for removing chemical weapons from Syria .The break- through was announced after three day talks between the US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva.The USA and Russia have agreed that Syria’s chemical weapons must be destroyed or removed by mid-2014. USA outlined a six-point framework under which Syria must hand over a full list of its stockpile within a week.

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