Schedule from 21st September, 2015

9 am : Geometry Assignment Discussion (Continued on Monday & Tuesday)

9 am : Algebra Assignment Discussion (NEW from Wednesday)

11:30 am: Geometry (NEW Module from TUESDAY) {This is the LAST time GEOMETRY Module will be done}

2 pm : Analytical Reasoning (Continued for 2 more days)

6:30 pm : Number System Assignment Discussion (Continued Till Wednesday)

6:30 pm: Number System (NEW Module from THURSDAY) {This is the LAST time NUMBER SYSTEM Module will be done}

Schedule from 24th August, 2015

11 am : Ratio & Variation (NEW Module from Monday)

12 pm: Ratio Assignment Discussion (Last class on Monday)

2 pm : Geometry (Continued)

6:30 pm: Algebra (Continued)

Students who are done with Maths module (i.e. Algebra, Number System, Arithmetic, Geometry etc), please start solving the respective assignments. All these assignments will be discussed in class.


Schedule from 17th August, 2015

9:00 am: Permutation & Combination (Continued) {Probability will start in the same timings at 9 am on “Tuesday” and after that SET THEORY will start}

11:30 am: Number System (Continued) {Last two days}

12 pm : Ratio Assignment Discussion (NEW from Wednesday) {Please carry your Arithmetic Text Book}

2 pm: Geometry (NEW Module from Monday)

4:30 pm: Algebra (Continued)

6:30 pm: Verbal Logic (Continued till Wednesday)

6:30 pm: Algebra (NEW Module from “Thursday“)

Schedule from 10th August, 2015

9 am : Permutation & Combination (NEW Module from “Tuesday“)

No class for Morning 9:00 am batch on Monday”

11:30 am : Number System (Continued)

2 pm : Reading Comprehension Assignment (NEW Module from “Monday“) {For all those who have done RC Module}

4:30 pm: Algebra (Continued)

6:30 pm : SET THEORY (NEW Module from Monday) {Please carry your P & C Text book}   {It’s a two-day Module} {SET Theory is an independent module, so this module can be attended irrespective of whether one has attended Permutation & Combination Module or not}

6:30 pm : Verbal Logic (NEW Module from “Wednesday“)

Schedule from 3rd August, 2015

9 am : Reading Comprehension Assignments (New from Monday) {Only for those who have done RC Module}

11:30 am: Number System (New Module from Monday)

2 pm : Time Speed & Distance (Continued for two more days)

2 pm : Time & Work (New Module from Wednesday)

4 : 30 pm: Algebra (Continued) {Test on Algebra on Monday}

6:30 pm : Permutations & Combination (Continued) {Test on P & C on Monday}



Schedule from 20th July, 2015

9 am : Time Speed & Distance (New Module from Monday)

12 : 30 pm : Number System (Continued)

2 : 15 pm : Averages & Weighted Averages (New Module from Monday)

4 : 30 pm : Grammar (New Module from Monday)

6 : 30 pm : Data Interpretation (Continued)

“The students who attended Verbal logic Module two weeks before and did not get the book, please collect the book from office. Thank You”. 

Schedule from 8th July 2015

9 am : Data Interpretation (New Module from Wednesday) ( Only for those who have done Percentages Module)

12:30 pm : Number System (New Module from Wednesday)

2:30 pm: Percentages (New Module from Wednesday)

4:30 pm: Data Interpretation (Continued post PI Charts from Wednesday)

6:30 pm : Solids (New module from Wednesday) (For those who have done Geometry Module)

Schedule from 29th June, 2015

9 am : Algebra (Last class on Monday)

9 am: Verbal Logic (New Module from Tuesday)

4:30 pm : Data Interpretation (Continued on Monday)

4 : 30 pm : Reading Comprehension (New Module from “Tuesday“)

6 : 30 pm: Geometry Module Test (On Monday)

6:30 pm : Reading Comprehension Assignment (New Module from “Tuesday“) {Only for those students who have attended Reading Comprehension Module}



Schedule from 22nd June 2015

9 am : ALGEBRA (Continued from “Maxima/Minima“)

12 pm : Grammar (Continued till Wednesday)

2 pm: Ratio, Proportion & Variation (New Module from “Monday”)

3 pm: Percentages & Applications (Continued till Tuesday)

4: 15 pm : Data Interpretation (New Module from “Monday“)

6 : 30 pm : Geometry (Continued from “Similarity“)